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  Technical Requirements

  Feasibility and Requirements Analysis
  We can provide expertise in the analysis and specification of new, upgraded, or replacement computer systems, including Cost-Benefit Analysis. This service can be provided as part of Project Definition or independently.
  Data management
  Data base policy, design and implementation services are provided. This includes areas such as Data Warehousing, EIS design and evaluation of DBMS techniques. We can also, where appropriate, implement "proof of concept" data management pilot systems.
  We provide consultancy in the design and implementation of Information Systems for Command and Control, Management and Geographical Applications, including strategic and operational systems.
  We have worked in international communications since the early '80s - as users, as consultants, as project managers and as developers and implementers of advanced communications systems. We advise on the specification, configuration and maintenance of data networks and electronic mail systems.
  Configuration Management
  Complex development projects require effective configuration management. We can advise on techniques, procedures and tools for supporting projects in an efficient way.