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  Procurement support
  We have wide experience of advising organisations (including Host Nations) which are procuring IT-related systems within a competitive environment, including NATO ICB, EC and national procedures. This support includes both technical consultancy (requirements analysis, market surveys, etc.) and commercial consultancy (contractual terms, supplier-independent specifications, etc.).
  Preparation of bid invitations
  We undertake the compilation of invitations to tender on behalf of procuring organisations, in accordance with NATO ICB and other procurement procedures. This service may include (depending upon client requirements) technical specifications, statement of work, bidding instructions, evaluation criteria, etc.
  Independent bid evaluation
  As an independent company we are well-placed to assist procurement agencies with technical and commercial evaluation of competitive bids. Our consultants have many years of experience in assessing the adequacy and quality of bids and ensuring that key procurement criteria are addressed.
  Contract management support
  Our consultants are able to advise on the adequacy of contracting companies, including progress monitoring, acceptance of deliverables and the effect of proposed changes. This service can be particularly valuable to procurement agencies who may require independent assessment of risk areas.