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  Independent Review

  Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
  IV&V is an effective way of helping to ensure that large and complex projects result in a satisfactory outcome to the parties involved. It is particularly useful in highlighting potential contractual and technical problems at an early stage so that steps can be taken to deal with them. We provide an independent service that is acceptable to clients and contractors and which brings practical experience of dealing with complex issues.
  System audit
  We are able to provide technical audits of systems at the analysis, design and implementation stages. This may include assessment of software suitability and quality, performance and overall system architecture. This service is particularly applicable when an independent opinion is needed on the justification for further expenditure.
  Project audit
  White Waghorn conducts overall audits of projects, including issues relating to management organisation, procedures, planning, etc. Project audits can be useful in connection with negotiations with suppliers. Such audits may also be conducted in conjunction with more specific system audits.
  System performance evaluation
  The evaluation of the performance of existing or proposed systems can be undertaken as part of a system audit or on a standalone basis, possibly in connection with system sizing or acceptance. We can provide a small team to establish performance criteria, measure or estimate performance and make suggestions on possible improvements and capacity upgrades. Performance modelling techniques are employed where appropriate.
  Strategic review and methodologies
  We conduct strategy studies for organisations that need to plan for their evolving business and IT requirements in the light of changing operational and technological environments. We undertake reviews of HQ IT facilities, and performance reviews of operational systems, making recommendations on establishing policies, procedures and standards to assist with integrated operation. We can also help establish appropriate methodologies for the specification and documentation of operational procedures.