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  Project & Programme Management

  Project Management
  We have skilled project managers capable of taking on total responsibility for the management of IT-related projects. Our managers have experience in working on NATO and commercial projects involving a high degree of international collaboration. We have a reputation for our ability to balance the users' view of the facilities and capabilities required in a new system with an informed understanding of what technology and budgeted resources are able to deliver. We can provide project management support when the client organisation wishes to maintain overall control but needs additional resources.
  Project Planning and Control
  As part of our Project Management service, we can provide staff with particular expertise in realistic planning of complex projects and maintaining control of progress, costs and deadlines. Assessment of risks and planning for their mitigation are particularly important elements.
  Project Definition
  Our consultants can undertake studies of requirements for projects and provide advice on costs and timescales in setting up project implementation. This service can be provided on an independent basis (e.g. as a precursor to a competitive procurement) or as part of responsibility for full project implementation.