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  European Commission

White Waghorn has conducted numerous projects for the European Commission, providing support to

  • Industry
    Various contributions to the IDA programme, including conduct of the mid-term evaluation
    see also
    4 Evaluation, Costs and Benefits, Quality Assurance
  • Transport
    Development of GIS strategies and implementation plans
  • Development
    (in Zimbabwe)
  • Personnel and Administration
    Inputs to the development of the Commission's informatics architecture and assistance with equipment procurement
  • Information, Communication, Culture, Audiovisual
    (in Bonn)
  • Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research
    Project management consultancy for INSIS, the development of an MIS for the Framework programme, the INFOAGE study in preparation for IMPACT.2, a study of document management and groupware applications, and annual reviews of the Portuguese Academic & Research Network
  • Customs and Indirect Taxation
    A study of information filing requirements, with emphasis on definition of a solution for storage and retrieval of VAT rate information
  • Enterprise Policy, Distributive Trades, Tourism and Cooperatives
    Design and development of the Business Cooperation Network
  • Eurostat
    Project management assistance to the EDICOM project, technical authorship of user guides and on-line help for the COMEXT software, and undertaking both the Graphics and Boundaries projects
  • Informatics Directorate
    A study of the file backup requirements of the EC's Unix server networks, and a market survey of testing and configuration management tools
  • Secretariat General
    A preanalysis study for a system to disseminate information to the public on external funding controlled by the Commission